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Build & Price Your Perfect Chevy

Make a Vehicle That’s Uniquely Yours Today

Having a specific model of vehicle is one thing, but haven’t you ever wanted a car that was entirely yours in every way?

Have you ever wanted the chance to create your own car or truck – with every feature you want and none of those expensive extra details you don’t need?

Now you can do all that and more with the Jeff Schmitt Chevy East Build Your Chevy Tool!

Benefits of Customizing a Vehicle

By customizing your vehicle online, you can get a lot of unique benefits:

  • Controlling the price – as you choose your trim, powertrain, and packages, you get to see the cost of your vehicle and decide what price your ideal car will be!
  • Only add what you want – if there’s a color or feature package that you don’t need, you can just leave it off instead of having to pay for it or find a different vehicle.
  • Save time and effort – make all your decisions online and then wait for your vehicle to be delivered to the dealership or your door. No more visiting multiple dealerships in person or searching through online databases for hours.

That tells you why you should order a custom Chevy, but it doesn’t tell you how. Let’s go over that next.

What Can You Choose or Change About Your Chevy?

When you order a custom Chevy online, you can choose your model, trim, powertrain, color (exterior and interior), and feature packages that aren’t specific to your model and trim.

You get to see the starting price, how the price changes, and a full breakdown summary of your choices and costs once you’ve made all of your selections.

Don’t be afraid to check out all your options and see what one configuration would look like compared to another. This is supposed to be your ideal car, after all, so you should be sure of what you’re creating and that you’re ready to buy by the time you’re done using our tool.

Using Our Vehicle Configuration Tool

We make our Build Your Chevy Tool as easy to use as possible. Each choice is a separate page, and you can see the summary at the end before placing your order.

We’ve got pictures of all our available Chevy models and the colors you can choose from for each of them.

For more complicated choices like trim level and feature packages, we include descriptions of what each entails and what they cost so you know exactly what you’re getting. Feel free to call or fill out our contact form if you have more questions about trims!

You can use your browser’s back button to return to previous sections and use Continue to move forward and lock in choices for the summary.

Then just enter your name and email to see your summary and final price so you can order!

Jeff Schmitt Chevy East Makes it Easy

With a great new and used Chevy selection, well-informed staff, and easy-to-use online forms and tools, we make car buying look and feel easy.

So come visit us in person or start an order through our website today to experience the ease of buying a Chevy from Jeff Schmitt!