Chevrolet Dealer Springfield OH

2021 Chevrolet Suburbans parked side-by-side

Are You Ready to Drive?

The holiday season is upon us and with that comes a time when you can expect to find some of the best deals of the year for the vehicle you want to enjoy driving every day. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got an answer for you at Jeff Schmitt Chevrolet East. Visit our dealer location today and start driving the vehicle that’s right for you in Springfield, OH today.

Save on the New Model You Want

Drive up to our dealership and check out the sale signs that are located all over the lot. You’re going to be able to take advantage of these sales when you choose one of the new Chevrolet models we offer. Whether you’re looking for a car, truck, or SUV, you can enjoy heavy discounts on remaining 2018 models along with excellent introductory pricing and financing for the new 2019 lineup. Ask us about the different sales we offer and take advantage of the financing that’s in place for you to have the drive you want to enjoy. With our team at Jeff Schmitt Chevrolet East, you’re going to pay less and have more to drive.

Are You Looking for a Used Vehicle to Drive?

Shouldn’t you be able to find the vehicle that you want to drive at the Chevrolet dealer you trust? We certainly think so. Visit our location and take a look at the variety of excellent used models we have for you to choose from and enjoy when it’s time to take a drive. You’ll find a large number of well-maintained, affordable, and low-mileage used models that you can drive. We can help you save money by assisting you in finding the right model for your driving experience on the road.

A Place to Turn to for All Your Chevy Needs

Where do you go when your vehicle needs to be maintained? Do you visit the dealership where you purchased the vehicle or do you have an independent mechanic that you turn to? Let our service team show you how easy and affordable it is to keep your new or used vehicle on the right maintenance schedule to keep you on the road. You’re going to enjoy working with our service department to ensure that your vehicle is able to give you the drive you want and offer you affordable maintenance and repairs when you need them.

Tis the Season for Savings

When you see our team, you’re going to realize that you’ve found the Chevrolet dealer with the vehicles and the programs you need to enjoy the holidays even more. With excellent savings and deals that you can take advantage of this year, you’ll drive away happy and enjoy what you’ve chosen on the roads in Springfield, OH. Let our team make your holiday season even better by offering you the right programs, the right vehicles, the best service, and a team that you can trust when you’re ready to have a new or used vehicle to drive today.